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Michael Fortinberry


About Michael Fortinberry

Michael Fortinberry is a business professional and entrepreneur based in New York City. Michael has always enjoyed and embraced creative business ventures and solutions, which is likely why he has found so much success during his time. He has been directly involved in the foundation of several companies, the most recent being Protiv. 

It takes talent and determination to make something out of nothing – that is what makes entrepreneurship so special. One of Michael Fortinberry’s first significant positions was as the Managing Director of EmpireCore, LLC. He was contracted to turn the construction management company around, which he successfully did during his three years there. Other early experience included acting as Vice President of PPG Services.

As for founding businesses, that is nothing new for Michael Fortinberry. The first company he founded was in 2010. Sciovia is a business advisory service which a heavy focus on technology and construction. Michael stayed with the company for eleven years before moving on to his next big project: Perennial Construction Solutions. Perennial Construction Solutions is a multi-family turnover and renovation company dealing with large-scale apartment projects and other construction elements. Michael is still heavily involved in this venture, acting as the Senior Vice President.

There is one other role that is keeping Michael Fortinberry extremely busy at the moment: Co-Founder and COO of Protiv. Protiv was founded in October 2021, and it has the potential to revolutionize the industry for hourly wage workers and employers. Protiv links production and compensation, rewarding employees for efficient use of time. There are many advantages to Michael’s new business venture, and he is exceptionally proud of the results. Getting here took three long years of testing and adjustment, but the product is precisely what Michael dreamed of.

Part of the potential behind Protiv is that it pays employees a fair price for their labor – while simultaneously reducing overall labor costs. The metrics are fairly complicated, but Michael Fortinberry is always excited to explain them to others. The result is reduced costs and employee empowerment, which has always been a significant concern for Michael. The other inspiration behind Protiv is Michael’s love of the ripple effect. He has always loved seeing how one small action can ripple outward, changing everything it touches. That’s was Protiv does – it is a relatively minor change to the payment structure, but it can create big waves. Likewise, Michael Fortinberry hopes that Protiv will help improve the lives of blue-collar workers and their families. With time, Protiv may even begin to transform business models and more.

During his free time, Michael Fortinberry enjoys sailing. It is one of his favorite hobbies, and he has made a point of educating others on the subject. As such, he volunteers at the New York Harber Sailing Foundation, helping children from eight to thirteen learn all about sailing. He also is a Sailing Instructor for the American Sailing Association. You’ll be hard-pressed to find somebody more passionate about sailing.

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